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Dwayne Johnson has “flirted” with starring in a Marvel movie

Dwayne Johnson has "flirted" with starring in a Marvel movie and has apparently spoken to Kevin Feige about it

dwayne johnson flirted with appearing in a marvel movie

Next year we’ll finally get to see Dwayne Johnson play a superhero, well, antihero, in the DCEU movie Black Adam. Could we soon see him in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, though? Well, it seems like Marvel Studios and The Rock might not be in a committed relationship yet, they’ve certainly been flirting with each other.

“DJ and Kevin [Feige] have a great relationship, and we’ve flirted around a few ideas before, but nothing serious,” Hiram Garcia, the president of Johnson’s company Seven Bucks Productions said in an interview with Collider. “There’s a mutual admiration for what we each have been doing, and what Kevin has built over there is truly incredible.”

Garcia did say that for now, Johnson’s committed to playing Black Adam and delivering a movie that fans of the character can enjoy “Black Adam was the character we wanted to bring to life and who we felt DJ was destined to play,” he said. “Once we set our sites on this character over a decade ago, it was hard to imagine DJ playing anyone else.”

Once upon a time, it was thought that once an actor had chosen a superhero universe to be part of, they were locked in forever. James Gunn’s recent movie The Suicide Squad proves that to be untrue. Several Marvel stalwarts crossed over into Gunn’s new action movie, including Thor’s Idris Elba and Guardians of the Galaxy stars Sean Gunn and Michael Rooker. Pom Klementieff, who plays Mantis in the Guardians films, also make a blink and you’ll miss it appearance as a dancer.

Gunn’s done a lot it seems to improve relations between the bitter rivals Marvel and DC, even teasing that he’d had casual conversations about a potential Harley Quinn and Groot crossover movie.

“I’ve actually talked about that to the heads of both Marvel and DC, but, you know, it’s like, they — you know, everybody’s open to everything,” Gunn told Collider. “But whether anything would ever happen, who knows? But the idea of being able to bring Marvel and DC together in a movie is, that would be really fun for me.”

Apparently, both Kevin Feige at Marvel and his opposite number Toby Emmerich over at Warner Bros were receptive to the idea as well. Unfortunately, Gunn then admitted that the “Berlin Wall of lawyers” the film would need to navigate would probably make it impossible to make. Curse you copyright law. This is why we can’t have nice things.