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Deadpool 3’s most exciting leak was a complete lie

Deadpool 3 had some exciting details leaked online. If the leak was true, it would have made for an incredibly exciting Marvel movie, but sadly, it isn't.


A recent Deadpool 3 leak had us really excited for the movie — but now the person who shared the scoop has admitted on Reddit that they made it up. Back in June, the user claimed that they found a credible ‘leak’ from the message board 4chan.

According to this MCU leak, Deadpool 3  would pick up after the events of Doctor Strange 2 and involve the spirit of Earth-616 Wanda possessing Earth-838 Wanda (the Wanda she used to kill The Illuminati). But the power struggle between the two Wanda’s would lead to Earth-838 being “eviscerated” and transformed into a House of M-type world.

In this new version of 838, the X-Men character Magneto (Ian McKellen) rules the Earth, which is inhabited mostly by mutants and Marvel villains. He is also Wanda’s adoptive father, according to the leak. Meanwhile, Logan (Hugh Jackman) hijacks a TVA device belonging to Bob Dobalina (Hydra agent and friend of Deadpool) in order to time-travel. Through this device, Logan essentially time-travels through all the Fox Marvel movies in order, but this just leads him to the events of X2 and The Last Stand. Except this time around, Magneto wins.

But where would Deadpool come into this? Well, the ‘leak’ purported that Deadpool would enlist a bunch of cross-multiverse Fox Marvel heroes, such as Logan and “several different Deadpools, including one who’s just Ryan Reynolds in a Wrexham shirt,” to fight back against Magneto. This, according to the ‘leak,’ predictably spirals out of control, and Deadpool, Logan, and Wanda are banished by the TVA to the main Marvel Phase 5 timeline.

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Sounds like it has the potential to be the best movie ever, right? Too bad we’ll never see it, as the ‘leaker’ has taken to Reddit to admit that this entire theory was just something he made up,  “I got bored and decided to make an, in my view, obviously fake ‘scoop’ for fun,” he said in a Reddit post. “It was a total joke.”

He added, “I cannot stress this enough: I have no inside intel. Every word of it was fake and made up by me […] None of that shit happens in the movie. 838 being involved, in any capacity, is a completely made up fiction by me. No Wanda, no Jimmy Woo, no nothing, it’s all total bullshit.” However, as news outlets and other theorists started reporting on his ‘leak,’ the Reddit user felt compelled to come clean.

“I figured I’d say this now since I’ve started to see [people say] ‘Well, the 838 was removed during the strike,’ No it wasn’t. It never was in the movie. I lied for lols and clout, and it got way, way, way out of control.”

When it comes to upcoming Marvel movies, we should really be more careful when it comes to unverified ‘scoops.’ This isn’t the first time a ‘scoop’ like this has gone viral, and it almost definitely won’t be the last.

We just hope Deadpool’s new movie has a storyline as creative and outrageous as the one this ‘leaker’ fabricated. Truthfully, we don’t really know what the plot of Deadpool 3 is yet — but given it features the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, we’re definitely hyped!

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