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David Harbour refuses to believe Harrison Ford has joined the MCU

Harrison Ford joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe is so ridiculous, Thunderbolts star David Harbour can barely believe it is happening.


Sometimes it is better to keep your expectations low so as to not be disappointed, but Thuderbolts star David Harbour is taking it one step further, as he straight up refused to believe he’s be starring alongside Harrison Ford in the MCU.

The MCU star, who is reprising his Black Widow role as Red Guardian, initially tried to play dumb when he was asked about Ford joining Thunderbolts. “I’m not going to speak about that because I don’t think he’s been announced in the movie,” he told Comicbook.com. But even when he realized everyone knew about Ford joining Marvel movie Captain America 4, Harbour remained coy.

“Oh he’s been announced as being in the [movie]? Have we talked to Kevin Feige about this yet?” he asked. “Well, I’ll have to read the new draft then, won’t I? But I will talk about Florence Pugh and Sebastian Stan and Wyatt Russell.”

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Pugh, Stan, and Russell will be reprising their respective roles of Yelena, Bucky, and John Walker for the superhero movie. Meanwhile, Ford is set to take over the role of Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross — a Marvel character that the late William Hurt previously played.

The best part is that the Star Wars cast member may end up appearing in more than one new movie from Marvel Studios. While we’re definitely seeing him in Captain America: New World Order, his appearance in Thunderbolts hasn’t been confirmed. But we’re going to stay positive and cross our fingers for both.

While Thaddeus Ross was introduced as a Marvel villain in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, we can see Ford bringing an anti-hero edge to the character. After all, his charm always (mostly) got him out of scrapes as Indiana Jones and Han Solo, so in this way, this Marvel Phase 5 blockbuster is the perfect fit for the actor.

It might be a while until we see Ford on-screen, but if you want to see the MCU story so far, you can watch all the best movies and Marvel series from the saga on streaming service Disney Plus. Or, just keep an eye out for The Marvels in your local cinema.