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Chris Pratt has set an absurd 2023 box office record

Chris Pratt's been a space pirate, a velociraptor tamer, a LEGO man and even a plumber, but he's also set an incredible box office record.

Chris Pratt the biggest box-office star of 2023

Like him or loathe him (and plenty of people loathe him), Chris Pratt is a clear box office draw, so much so that he’s managed to become the highest-grossing star of 2023.

So, how did the MCU star do it? Well, he only went and made one of the best superhero movies of the year, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (read our Guardians of the Galaxy 3 review here), which made an eye-watering $845.6 million at the global box office. Then he followed it up with the second biggest film of the year, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which brought in $1,362,059,669 across the world.

Anyone who’s followed Pratt’s career won’t be too surprised to learn the amount of moolah he’s able to generate when leading a film. Since his big break playing Andy Dwyer in arguably one of the best comedy series ever, Parks and Rec, Pratt’s made a name for himself in landing mega-blockbuster roles.

You’ll definitely know him from playing the roguish Marvel character, Star-Lord, and who could forget his turn as the velociraptor whisperer, Owen Grady, in the Jurassic Park movies. Still, you might have forgotten he also played Emmet Brickowski in the criminally underrated and massively successful LEGO movies.

All of this has made Pratt the fifth highest-grossing actor of all time, bringing in an impressive $13,930,412,487 at the global box office across all his films. Unfortunately, though, Pratt’s beaten by his on-screen ex, Zoe Saldaña, who takes the fourth spot with an impressive $14,240,098,353 thanks to the Avatar movies.

If you’re wondering who rounds out the top five, I’m afraid it’s Marvel stars all the way up. Unsurprisingly, Samuel L. Jackson takes third place ($14,376,505,937), while Robert Downey Jr is in second place ($14,863,065,910) right behind Scarlett Johansson ($14,973,199,748).

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With all that in mind, it is worth noting that, on average, Pratt makes an awful lot more per movie than anyone else on the list (an estimated $605,670,108). If you love the business behind the box office, check out our list of the highest-grossing movies ever.

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