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Chadwick Boseman receives posthumous Emmy for Marvel series

The late Chadwick Boseman has received posthumous recognition at the Emmy awards for his role in the animated Marvel series What If...?

What If...? season 2 release date: Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa in Marvel's What If

The legacy of MCU star Chadwick Boseman lives on, as the late actor was awarded a posthumous Emmy for his work on the animated series Marvel’s What If…? Boseman voiced his MCU character T’Challa in the Marvel series, and the recognition marks what is likely to be the final award the actor can receive for his work.

Season 1 of Marvel’s What If…? arrived on the streaming service Disney Plus in late 2021 and proved to be a popular branch of the Marvel machine. Taking various heroes and MCU villains and throwing them into alternate realities delighted fans of the Marvel movies. They offered audiences a fresh perspective on the events of the comic book universe.

Boseman provided the voice of his iconic character in four episodes of the TV series, having recorded lines before his passing. The actor tragically passed away in August 2020 after a battle with colon cancer. Boseman won the award for best Character Voice-Over Performance, and the award was accepted in his honour on the night by his wife.

Boseman made his debut as T’Challa in the MCU movie Captain America: Civil War, before starring in his own hugely successful solo movie. Black Panther remains the only Marvel film to receive an Oscar nomination for Best Picture.

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In What If…? we saw T’Challa take on the mantle of Star-Lord, battle zombies, and face off against Killmonger once again. With Marvel’s What If…? season 2 confirmed, it remains to be seen whether Boseman’s voice will be used again, though this would be unlikely.

We still need to see how Marvel handle the passing of Boseman and how they incorporate this into Black Panther 2 later this year. For more kings of the cartoon world, check out our list of the best anime series.