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Scorsese was asked to change The Departed for the worst reason

Martin Scorsese has revealed that Warner Bros had certain requests about The Departed that would have made things quite different for the crime movie.

Martin Scorsese and The Departed

Martin Scorsese has been outspoken in recent years about blockbuster franchises, with some parts of the media ridiculously trying to whip up a feud between the legendary director and the MCU. But it’s not just been the last decade that Scorsese has struggled with how Hollywood works, as he has fought studios over some of his own films across the years. Some of his experiences making movies were so unpleasant, that he frequently considered quitting all together.

One such moment came along when Martin Scorsese was making The Departed – the movie which finally won him the Oscar after many, many nominations. The Departed is based on some of the best thriller movies – Andrew Lau’s Infernal Affairs trilogy, so Warner Bros was clearly wondering why The Departed couldn’t be a trilogy too.

They also reportedly asked Scorsese if at least one of the film’s stars – Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon – could live to see another day. As Scorsese recently told GQ; “What they wanted was a franchise. It wasn’t about a moral issue of a person living or dying.” It was about having a character that could survive for another film.

Scorsese remembers a test screening where everyone walked out ecstatic. “And then the studio guys walked out and they were very sad, because they didn’t want just that movie. They wanted the franchise.”

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