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Jennifer Lopez’s new movie Marry Me is a comic book movie

Jennifer Lopez's new rom-com Marry Me, with Owen Wilson, is actually comic book movie, based on a webcomic of the same name from 2010

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson in Marry Me

Jennifer Lopez has a new rom-com out, called Marry Me. The romance movie also stars Owen Wilson, and at first glance it seems like an easy vanity project for the two A-listers. That though it may be, it’s actually an adaptation of a comic book, placing it alongside the DCEU and MCU (in a manner of speaking).

Marry Me is a limited series of comics from 2010, by writer Bobby Crosby and artist Remy ‘Eisu’ Mokhtar. The story is broadly the same as the drama movie: Stasia Tyler is a mega-popular popstar who, increasingly board with her micro-managed life, decides to marry someone holding a ‘Marry me’ sign at one of her concerts.  The holder, a school counsellor named Guy, was just handling the sign for his daughter, but decides to play along anyway.

Through the course of the story, their conflicting lifestyles make for easy gags, but also commentary on fame, and maintaining life skills. Eventually they start to break up, but then they end up staying together. Aw!

In the film, directed by Kat Coiro, Stasia is renamed Katalina ‘Kat’ Valdez, and instead of thinking about retiring, she’s about to have a public marriage with her cheating fiancé. Guy becomes Charlie, an enthusiastic math teacher who’s trying to make single parenting work.

Apart for that, the broad strokes are similar, with updates for social media and the like. Marry Me ran for seven issues, and you find all of them via Comixology. Meanwhile, you can catch the movie version in cinemas now.

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