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James Wan’s Malignant coming to 4K Ultra HD

James Wan has announced that his 2021 horror movie, Malignant, is finally getting a 4K Ultra HD physical release - scheduled for May, 2022

James Wan’s Malignant coming to 4K Ultra HD

I think that we can all agree that the biggest snub at the 94th Academy Awards was the James Wan horror movie Malignant, which missed out on the award for ‘Fan Favourite’. However, despite the Oscars’ injustice, there is some good news for all of you gore enthusiasts. The 2021 horror movie is officially getting a shiny new physical release and will be available in 4K Ultra HD come May, 2022.

Directed by the filmmaker behind the Conjuring universe, James Wan, Malignant shows a mystery involving an evil twin and an impressive backwards murder spree. Despite being one of the most fun slashers seen in recent years, and getting Steven King’s seal of approval, Malignant hasn’t had an easy distribution journey. It has suffered from a mixed critical reception, and financially it was a flop, only grossing $34 million against a budget of $40 million.

After releasing in theatres and on the streaming service HBO Max simultaneously in September 2021, the thriller movie already had a Blu-ray run, but no 4K format was available. Honestly, we thought all hope was lost on the Ultra HD front. However, Warner Bros has exceeded all our expectations.

Taking to social media, Wan shared the news with his followers, posting a picture of the future cover of the physical release of Malignant. In the post, the director also revealed the confirmed date on which all of us cinephiles can begin reaching for our wallets: May 24, 2022.

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Wan’s Instagram post caption reads: “Gabriel slithering, slinking and slashing their way home in this beautiful 4K UHD, coming this May 24!! I’m all about physical media, so I’m happy to add this to my 4K collection. Thank you WB Home Entertainment.”

Currently, there has been no word on if this 4K release will include any special features. Still, seeing the film’s antagonist Gabriel go about on his murderous way in high definition isn’t something to scoff at. And surely it is enough to tide us over…until Malignant 2 gets announced at least.