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John Cena to star in new Looney Tunes movie

Peacemaker star and all round good guy John Cena has signed on to appear in Warner Bros new Looney Tunes animated movie Coyote vs Acme

Wile E. Coyote and John Cena

John Cena has signed on to appear in the new Looney Tunes movie. The Peacemaker star will lead in Warner Bros’ new animated movie Coyote vs Acme, which will feature CG and live-action elements and focus on the hapless and hungry hero, Wile E. Coyote.

The Hollywood Reporter states that David Green, whose previous directing credits include the action movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, is helming the project while Chris DeFaria and James Gunn are producing. The upcoming comedy movie is reportedly based on a New Yorker article of the same, which was written by Ian Frazier in 1990.

Frazier’s article is a fictional court document seemingly submitted by Wile. E Coyote’s lawyer. It lays out a damages claim against Acme, the company from which Wile buys the various gizmos and gadgets, accusing them of making defective products that injured Wile when he tried to use them to capture his nemesis Roadrunner. The film will see Wile’s lawyer go up against his former boss (Cena), who’s representing the Acme corporation.

Production on the movie is expected to begin in late March 2022. Cena’s a very in-demand guy right now. He’s just wrapped up the first series of his Suicide Squad spin-off Peacemaker and recently confirmed that he’ll be returning for a second season.

He’s also involved in the seemingly never-ending Fast and Furious series playing Dom Toretto’s misguided Jakob Toretto, the brother of Vin Diesel’s Dom. While he might not be anyone’s favourite Fast and Furious character just yet. We have a feeling though he and Dom will be sharing a Corona or two before the credits roll on the final Fast and Furious film.