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Kengan Ashura season 3 release date speculation, cast, plot, and news

With blood and battles aplenty, we can't wait for more chaos when the Kengan Ashura season 3 release date brings one of the best anime back.

Kengan Ashura season 3 release date

The corporate world is brutal, but the boardrooms of modern America are thankfully a shade less blood-soaked than in the world of Kengan Ashura. This ultraviolent anime series is set in a world in which business leaders settle their scores by sending gladiators into an arena. We can’t wait for more, so the Kengan Ashura season 3 release date is right in our sights.

With a killer premise like that, Kengan Ashura quickly became one of the best anime series around today. The new anime introduced us to talented fighter Ohma Tokita, who’s hired by the Nogi Group to fight in the Kengan Annihilation matches for CEO Nogi Hideki. And now, we’re coming back for more blood and carnage on Netflix, so here’s what we know.


Kengan Ashura season 3 release date speculation

You’ll have to wait until late 2024 at least before Kengan Ashura season 3 will return to our screens.

We only got the finale of Kengan Ashura season 2 in September 2023, so we’ll have to be patient for at least a while yet. There was a four-year gap between the first season and the second one, but we think one of the best Netflix series will be back sooner this time around.

For the record, some refer to season 2 as ‘season 3’ or ‘part 3’, because of the release format. However, because the first season was split into two, we’re referring to this as season 3.

Kengan Ashura season 3 release date

Kengan Ashura season 3 cast speculation

Kengan Ashura season 3 should bring back the majority of the voice cast from the first two seasons. We don’t think they’ll have any trouble getting the team back together.

So that means in the original Japanese version of the show, we’ll be hearing from Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Ohma Tokita, Chō as Kazuo Yamashita as the leads.

Here’s the expected Kengan Ashura season 3 cast list:

  • Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Ohma Tokita (English: Kaiji Tang)
  • Chō as Kazuo Yamashita (English: Keith Silverstein)
  • Jouji Nakata as Hideki Nogi (English: Michael C. Pizzuto)
  • Yumi Uchiyama as Kaede Akiyama (English: Erika Harlacher)
  • Hayato Kaneko as Lihito (English: Jonah Scott)
  • Tetsu Inada as Jun Sekibayashi (English: Jake Green)
  • Junya Enoki as Cosmo Imai (English: Bryce Papenbrook)
  • Daisuke Namikawa as Setsuna Kiryū (English: Todd Haberkorn)

Kengan Ashura season 3 release date

What will Kengan Ashura season 3 be about?

Kengan Ashura season 3 will follow the aftermath of a coup attempt, while Ohma continues to fight his way through the tournament.

Season 2 saw Hayami Katsumasa’s coup come to a fairly miserable end, though this suggested there was an ulterior motive to it all, involving Ohma. Speaking of him, we saw him recover from pretty brutal injuries in the finale, preparing to pull himself together and win his next three matches. But how will the broader conspiracy affect his efforts to prove his fighting skill?

After this, there’s plenty of room there to fill another two parts, maybe, even more, depending on how the writers choose to adapt the manga going forward. It’s worth pointing out that even if the series gets up to the end of the source material, there’s also a sequel titled Kenguran Omega.


The follow-up story revolves around a hot-headed fighter called Koga Narushima as he tries to build a name for himself in the Kengan matches two years after the events of Kengan Ashura.

Three years before Kengan Ashura, Koga actually fought Tokita in the street after assuming that the talented fighter was being rude to him. Obviously, Ohma dispatched Koga with ease, although they would later become friends. All this is to say that there are still plenty of places to explore in this world.

Kengan Ashura season 3 release date

Is there a Kengan Ashura season 3 trailer?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a trailer for Kengan Ashura season 3 just yet, which isn’t surprising since we’re only a few weeks out from the ending of the second season.

It’s going to be quite some time until the first footage from new episodes arrive online. As we said, we’d probably be looking to mid-late 2024 for any updates on a continuation. For now, fans will have to make do with the clips from previous seasons, such as the one below, which showcases a frightening battle.

YouTube Thumbnail

How can I watch Kengan Ashura season 3?

Kengan Ashura season 3 will likely be available via Netflix because the service has partnered with Larx Entertainment on the series.

So all you’ll need is a Netflix subscription. You can check out the latest Netflix price to get yourself on one of the best streaming services, and you can also check out everything that’s new on Netflix this month. What’s more, you can also watch both parts of season 1 on Netflix, as well as season 2.

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