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Justified City Primeval might return, but don’t get your hopes up

Justified City Primeval has reached its conclusion, and fans will be wondering if they will be seeing more of Raylan Givens, but we don't yet know.

Justified City Primeval

After an eight year gap, Justified has returned with a spin-off season, based on the Elmore Leonard book City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit. Timothy Olyphant’s Raylan Givens swapped Miami for Detroit and came up against a new set of characters, including a foe in the form of Garrett Hedlund’s ‘The Oklahoma Wildman.’ So will there be more Justified after this? We don’t yet know.

One of Justified’s showrunners, Michael Dinner shared with TVLine how City Primeval came about; “It took a while to get it off the ground because there were different companies that own part of the rights, but we thought it was an opportunity. We liked the idea of doing this project and having our guy (Raylan), and adapting characters from the book and creating some new characters. That’s how it came about.”

“We did this not to reboot Justified. We did it because we want to reboot the feeling that we had working with each other — whether it was me working with Tim, or [co-showrunner] David [Andron] and myself and the other writers, and what we felt in the writers room.”

Justified: City Primeval has told a complete, self-contained story across its eight episodes, which covers the whole novel. So whether there will be more Justified is very much up in the air at this stage. “It’s up to FX — what they want to do, if they want to tell another chapter. If they don’t, then, you know, it was good to do this, and we feel really good about where we ended,” says Dinner.

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Due to the ongoing writers and actors strikes, it’s unlikely that any decisions will be made regarding the future of Justified anytime soon.

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