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Jungle Cruise earns Dwayne Johnson his highest Rotten Tomatoes Audience score

Jungle Cruise has earned the highest audience score of Dwayne Johnson’s career on Rotten Tomatoes

jungle cruise rotten tomato score: Emily Blunt Dwayne Johnson in Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise has gone down a storm with general audiences, earning the highest audience score of Dwayne Johnson’s career on Rotten Tomatoes. Users gave Jungle Cruise an incredible score of 94% (it’s since fallen to 93%), and Johnson was delighted. He spent the weekend thanking fans on social media for coming out to support his new movie.

“Just blown away. Thank you!!! Highest Rotten Tomatoes audience score of my entire career (and that’s a long-ass time cause I’m a dinosaur),” Johnson tweeted. “Jumanji 87%, Jumanji 2 87%, Hobbs 88%, Moana 89%, JUNGLE CRUISE 94%!!!! People have spoken! Thank you guys. Enjoy Jungle Cruise.”

Jungle Cruise had a better than expected opening weekend at the box office. The adventure movie grossed an impressive $34.2 million in North America and $27.6 million from the international market, combining for a total global box office of $61.8 million. All of that’s without taking into account the $30 million that Disney got from people paying to watch the film via their Premier Access streaming service.

The film’s success with general audiences is slightly mitigated by the critical reception of the action movie. The official critic score is just 63%, which isn’t bad for a Disney movie Rotten Tomato score based on a ride, but if you got that score in a school test, it’s not one your mum would pin to the fridge door.

Our own Anthony McGlynn gave Jungle Cruise three stars, writing that he was surprised how much he enjoyed the movie’s well-rounded cast and chipper score. Unfortunately, he struggled with the film’s clumsy attempts to tell a story about colonialism without ever acknowledging how wrong imperialism really is.

Jungle Cruise is in theatres and available on Disney Plus via Premier Access now.