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Julia Roberts just revealed the best idea for Pretty Woman 2

Step aside Top Gun 2, because Julia Roberts just shared the best idea for a new legacy sequel. Now, we want a Pretty Woman 2 more than ever.

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman

When you talk about Julia Robert’s best movies, the 1990 flick Pretty Woman needs to be in the conversation. However, if Pretty Woman 2 ever came to be and Roberts had her way with the script, we’re certain that the sequel would give the beloved classic a run for its money.

If you aren’t a Julia Roberts career expert, Pretty Woman centers around the relationship between the prostitute Vivian Ward (Roberts) and the wealthy businessman Edward Lewis (Richard Gere). Like most of the best rom-coms around, the two fall in love and end up together.

However, during an interview with CBS Mornings, Roberts shared how she believes that if Vivian gets another big screen outing, she won’t have Edward by her side.

Instead of a typical (and, in our opinion, boring) romance movie sequel formula that follows either the couple’s children or family conflicts, Roberts pitched a Pretty Woman 2 where Vivian takes over Edward’s business.

“I think he passed away peacefully in his sleep from a heart attack, smiling,” Roberts explained. “And now she runs his business.”

Imagine seeing Vivian having to deal with prejudice from stuffy businessmen and then gloriously proving them wrong as she makes massive profits and closes multiple deals. In the first movie, we see Vivian having to deal with the classist attitudes against her, and it’s this conflict that truly makes the film famous.

I mean Pretty Woman’s most memorable scene is Vivian dealing with a snobby shop owner, who refused to help her. The whole scenario led to the iconic line, “Big mistake. Big. Huge!” Pretty Woman 2 centering around Vivian having similar battles and proving all those who judge her on false first impressions wrong seems like a winning idea to us.

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So come on, Hollywood. We know you’re busy with movies like Avatar 3 and Dune 2, but can’t you add one more sequel to your list? While we all dream of more Julia Roberts screentime, you can check out our lists of the best movies of all time and all the new movies heading our way.