Dave Bautista responds to Daniel Craig breaking his nose in Spectre

Marvel actor responds to Daniel Craig's story about breaking his nose while filming the James Bond movie, Spectre

Dave Bautista responds to Daniel Craig's story about breaking his nose while filming James Bond movie Spectre

Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista has responded to Daniel Craig’s comments about breaking his nose. In a recent tweet, the MCU actor shared with fans his version of the story about an injury that happened while filming the James Bond movie, Spectre.

While Promoting the new spy movie No Time to Die on The Graham Norton Show, Craig recalled how a train-based fight scene for the 2015 film with Bautista – who played Mr Hinx – ended up with him accidentally hitting the latter in the face. “I broke his nose. It was a mistake,” Craig explained. “I threw this punch and hit him on the nose, and I heard this crack and ran away.”

However, Bautista quickly responded to Craig’s story, taking to social media and revealing that agent 007 was misremembering events. “He did not run!!! He started screaming ‘F*** I broke his nose!!’ And he did,” Bautista tweeted. “And then he hugged me, apologized, we laughed, I changed clothes, shoved TP up my nose, and we continued to make one of the best fight scenes ever. Very proud of it. And I love me some DC [Dream Chaser].”

After his initial tweet, Bautista went on to post a selfie of his face shortly after said filming injury occurred with the caption: “I dug this up. I took this right after I got cleaned up”. The pic shows a close up of the actor’s face, sporting a swollen nose, and red eyes.

There is clearly no animosity between the two actors, even after some injuries and a broken bone or two. But the whole incident does make us wonder if there are any other Bond-related injury stories we still don’t know about.

No Time To Die is out now in UK cinemas, and is set to release in the US on October 8. If you are after more thrills, here is our list of the best action movies to get your heart racing.