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Insidious 5 is now the highest-grossing horror movie of 2023

Insidious 5 has overtaken the doll with the killer dance moves to become the highest-grossing horror movie of the year and the highest-grossing Insidious movie.

Insidious 5

We’re still nearly three months away from Halloween, but 2023 has already been a strong and successful year for horror. And Insidious 5, which is the directorial debut of actor Patrick Wilson, has now pipped M3GAN to become the highest-grossing horror movie of the year.

The top 4 highest grossing horror movies of 2023 so far are Insidious 5 with $182 million, M3GAN with just under $180 million, Scream 6 with just under $170 million, and Evil Dead Rise with $146 million. With a combined budget of just $70 million, they’ve made $680 million at the box office – proving just how profitable horror movies can be.

Insidious 5 is also the highest-grossing of the Insidious movies so far. The five movies in the Insidious franchise were made for a combined budget of just over $40 million and have made $723 million and counting. Patrick Wilson really is the scream king, as he also stars in The Conjuring franchise which is the highest-grossing horror movie franchise of all time, having made over $2 billion.

Our Insidious 5 review was on the positive side of middling, but it was a little familiar for our reviewer; “Insidious fans will be thrilled by this fifth installment, and there are enough jumps and jolts to make it worth a cinema trip. But after more than a decade, we wish they’d gone Further.”

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It’s interesting that M3GAN was released in January, Scream VI in March, Evil Dead Rise and The Pope’s Exorcist in April, and Insidious 5 in July – showing that horror fans really are craving gore, jump-scares, creepy human-sized dolls and Russell Crowe on a Vespa all year round.

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