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Is Shia LaBeouf in Indiana Jones 5?

Indiana Jones 5 will see Harrison Ford and others return to the archaeology -based movie series, but will Shia LaBeouf be in Indiana Jones 5?

Is Shia LaBeouf in Indiana Jones 5?

The Indiana Jones 5 release date is nearly upon us, so naturally, fans are getting absolutely hyped – while also wondering whether or not Shia LaBeouf is in Indiana Jones 5.

We know that the treasure-hunting action movie will revolve around the space race and the influence of Nazi’s on the success of the American space programme.

We also know that Mads Mikkelsen will be playing the villainous Voller, and that ex-Lord of the Rings cast member John Rhys-Davies will be returning as Sallah. But after his important role in Indiana Jones 4, is Shia LaBeouf in Indiana Jones 5 too?

Is Shia LaBeouf in Indiana Jones 5?

Shia LaBeouf is not expected to be reprising his role in Indiana Jones 5. His character is not included in any cast lists, in any trailer footage, and hasn’t been spotted at all on set.

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In addition to that David Koepp, who was formally attached to write to screenplay for the new movie, said definitively that LaBeouf wasn’t involved in the project. This all means that Shia LaBeouf will most likely not be appearing in the blockbuster.

Naturally, that raises the question of how the newest Indiana Jones movie will explain his absence, given that he played an important role in the previous instalment and was even revealed to be Indy’s son. Your guess is as good as ours.

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