Will there be an I am Legend 2?

In 2007 Will Smith led an adaptation of Richard Matheson's I am Legend but despite the horror movie blowing up at the box office we never got a sequel.

Will Smith as Dr Robert Neville in I am Legend

Will there be an I Am Legend 2? Based on the book by Richard Matheson, Will Smith’s I am Legend was one of the biggest films released in 2007, grossing $585 million at the worldwide box office.

It’s strange, then, that the horror movie — which saw Smith’s Dr Robert Neville battling zombie-like vampires known as Darkseekers — never got a sequel. Well, times have changed since the 2000s, and the suits in Hollywood aren’t afraid to greenlight a sequel even years after a film’s initial release these days.

That’s how we got the new Matrix movie and why all your favourite Spider-Man actors returned for No Way Home. So will Will Smith’s vampire movie finally get a sequel? Will there be an I am Legend 2?

Will there be an I am Legend 2?

Yes, I am Legend 2 is currently in active development, with Smith set to star alongside Michael B Jordan. But wait a minute. Didn’t Neville die during the events of the first movie? Well, yes, he did, but also, no, he didn’t.

In the theatrically-released ending, Neville dies after detonating a grenade in his lab. In the now-canon ending, though, Smith survives the attack on his lab after realising that the Darkseekers aren’t the monsters he believes them to be.

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