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Harry Potter stars Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs reunite

Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs, who starred as father and son Lucius and Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, had a reunion recently

Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs in the Harry Potter movies

Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs of the Harry Potter cast have had a reunion. Felton is currently doing a play on the West End, and Isaacs, who plays his onscreen father in the Harry Potter movies, dropped by to give some support. Aw!

Felton shared a picture on Instagram from their meeting, he and Isaacs just in front of the entrance to Criterion Theatre in London, where the play is s happening. “My father heard about this play I was in,” the picture is captioned. In the fantasy movies, Isaacs and Felton play Lucius and Draco Malfoy, father and son antagonists to Harry Potter and his friends who align with Lord Voldemort.

They were part of the main cast for all eight of the mainline adventure movies, terrorising Harry, Ron, and Hermione and generally being mean bullies. Thankfully, this couldn’t be farther from the truth in real life, as both have proven themselves continuously to be joyful people with less interest in doing dark magic and more in simple pleasures, like a cute selfie.

Felton just finished his run on 2:22 Ghost Story, an original supernatural play about a woman dealing with a haunted house. He performed the show over 100 times before handing it over to a new cast who’ll carry the story forward.

Isaacs, meanwhile, is working on two TV series roles. The first in the drama series The Crowded Room, and the other as Hollywood icon Cary Grant in Archie. Needless to say, he and Felton are on slightly different wavelengths at the moment, which makes their meeting all the sweeter.

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