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Five things we need to see in the new Harry Potter TV series

We're eagerly awaiting the Harry Potter TV series release date, and we've got a wishlist for when the Hogwarts Express finally arrives on the small screen.

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter in front of Hogwarts

We’re all excited to get back to Hogwarts when the Harry Potter TV series comes around. Confirmed last year, production is still early days on the fresh adaptation of the beloved books.

But, that hasn’t stopped us wondering what the next generation of Harry Potter will look like. I enjoy a marathon of the Harry Potter movies in order as much as the next person, but there were areas to improve. The Harry Potter cast was on point, but some changes from the books didn’t sit right. Glossing over backstory of the Marauders? Changing the final duel with Voldemort?

Some of the best Harry Potter characters had moments altered. Dialogue was shifted and parts of the narrative that held meaning just fell by the wayside. The HBO show has a chance to fix all that, and there are five particular things I’d like to see when the Harry Potter TV series release date arrives.

Bring back Peeves

Simple one to start, since he never even made it into the films. One of the more charming ghosts of Hogwarts, Peeves was going to be portrayed by the legendary Rik Mayall, known for some of the best comedy series ever. However, Mayall’s performance was cut, and then we never met Peeves at all. HBO should rectify this from the jump.

Marauders in the Harry Potter movies

The Marauders

Listen, this has been sitting there since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part Two rolled credits. The Marauders could be an entire show unto themselves, but since we’re not getting that, build it into the Harry Potter TV series and expand the general lore. Flashbacks that are actually worthwhile – imagine that.

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Genuine magic duels

The best Harry Potter spells were quite fanciful in the movies, I’ll give them that. But they never captured the energy of the original text, where adept wizards like Dumbledore and Severus Snape were ducking and weaving, throwing around powerful incantations like machine gun fire in a war movie. The show has an opportunity to really demonstrate what happens when you wield magic skilfully – and the opposite.

Emma Watson as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter

Stop over-and-under-writing characters

For some reason, the Harry Potter screenwriters decided half the words spoken in the books should’ve come from Hermione. So, she was a tad unbearable at times because jokes and observations came from her so often. Ron and Harry then came across a little underused at times. Whomever writes the HBO series could maybe balance the scales a little bit, so we understand all the heroes (and Harry Potter villains) equally.

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Ron’s hilarious attempted phone call

Something more specific: Ron Weasley’s attempt to ring Harry at the Dursleys, but can’t figure out how to work a telephone. A lovely bit of British comedy that highlights the cultural gaps in their upbringings. This scene should be included, and it should serve as a barometer for more moments like it so we can see the real differences in being a wizard and being a muggle.

Rebooting Harry Potter might seem cynical, and I’m wary too, but there’s huge opportunity to do the source material even greater justice. While we wait for more, check out our lists of the best fantasy series and best horror movies, and our guide on Wednesday season 2.