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This important detail about Harry Potter wands makes no sense at all

The Harry Potter movies aren't known for their logic, but even then this detail just presents an endless line of questions that we'd now like answered.

Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter

You can only expect so much logic from something like Harry Potter, but even then, some stuff’s kind of a mess. The Harry Potter wands, for instance, aren’t sold for an amount that seems all that logical, and even for some of the best fantasy movies, you need to just not think about ti much.

An observation on r/harrypotter points out that Ollivander only charged Harry nine galleons for his wand. Y’know, the one that turned out to be tied to Lord Voldemort? Seems like it might boast a price tag. Later, we find out unicorn hairs aren’t worth all that much, coming in at 11 galleons each.

So Harry’s wand, an implement tied to the most powerful dark wizard to ever live, cost less than one unicorn hair. Doesn’t add up, does it? But then, we don’t necessarily watch the Harry Potter movies in order for all that much consistency, but even then, the Wizarding World economy seems haggardly built.

Some commenters respond that Ollivander might have been trying to unload that particular wand. That would make sense, though he plays it vey in both the family movies and the books if that’s the case.

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There’s also a chance Harry received some unspecified subsidy from the Ministry of Magic. Again, not something fully supported by the text, more speculation by readers to justify the discrepancy. A lot of Harry Potter wasn’t shaped around specific logic, but more the whimsy of discover a whole alternate dimension of magic right behind our own.

Money and the way it works gets in the way of that, so just throw numbers and funny phrases around and get on with it. Given that it’s one of the most popular kids movie franchises in the world, these issues clearly haven’t inhibited it much, and the Harry Potter cast seemed undeterred.

Maybe this’ll be addressed when the Harry Potter TV series release date comes around, but we doubt it. Check out some Dumbledore facts and Luna Lovegood facts if you’d like to learn more Potter oddities, and we have a list of the best Harry Potter spells for you to practice some magic of your own.