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Harrison Ford uses one of his best movie quotes in real life

Harrison Ford has played lots of iconic characters, from Indiana Jones to Han Solo. But you might be surprised by which of his best movies he quotes the most.

Harrison Ford in Air Force One

If we were Harrison Ford, we’d probably walk around all day wearing Indiana Jones‘ hat, calling people “pal” in an effort to mimic the coolest of the Star Wars characters, Han Solo, and otherwise not living up to his laidback attitude towards the iconic franchises he’s been in.

Harrison Ford is well-known for not being overly indulgent when it comes to getting wrapped up in his best movies, but there is one movie he quotes the most in his everyday life, and it’s not any of the obvious choices.

Not Star Wars, but 1997’s Air Force One, the somewhat political panic-capitalizing film about a radical attack on the president during a flight, played by Ford. Some folks feel it’s one of the best action movies of the 90s, and perhaps Ford thinks soo too.

The actor told People, “Because I fly, I probably say more than I need to, ‘Get off my plane!'” referencing his most famous line from the film, said after his veteran character throws a bad guy out the back of the titular Air Force One.

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If it’s been a while since you’ve seen it, here’s a clip of the scene the quote came from, including the line Ford recites — probably chuckling to himself quietly thousands of feet in the air.

The movie is currently streaming on AMC Plus, so you don’t have to miss this flight. If you’ve not watched it before, it’s less than two hours long and is mostly a one-location thriller, two great reasons to give it a spin.

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