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Halo TV series gets new trailer as first reactions land online

The upcoming Halo TV series has a new trailer ahead of its release, as first reactions to the new Paramount Plus show begin to land online

Halo TV series gets a new trailer as first reactions land online

The upcoming Halo TV series on streaming service Paramount Plus is fast-approaching, with the sci-fi series set to arrive on the platform on March 24, 2022. In the meantime, we have a new trailer to keep us entertained, which shows plenty more action from the videogame adaptation. And, the first reactions to the show have landed online, too, so we can get a good idea of what to expect.

While the trailer does naturally include a lot of clips we have already seen, there is lots of new tantalising footage, and plenty of new dialogue too. We get to see a great deal of Doctor Halsey, who is the focus of this new trailer, and she definitely looks set to be a key figure in the narrative of the Halo series.

The trailer certainly raises the stakes when it comes to the action-packed battle scenes, but it also offers us a glimpse into the more dramatic, emotional heart of the story, too. We know we will get to see Master Chief’s face for the first time in the franchise’s history in this series, and by the looks of it, we will also explore his childhood.

As for the first reactions, well let’s just say they aren’t exactly unanimously positive. The show has been labelled everything from “an intriguing mess,” to “far from a masterstroke,” which doesn’t really fill us with much hope.

Videogame adaptations are always a tricky concept, but in fairness, Halo has a huge lore to explore, and the series should be given time to unfold and find its feet. Perhaps it would be better to assess the credentials of this series further down the line.

According to many, a pre-existing knowledge of the franchise is going to be pretty useful when it comes to the enjoyment of the Halo TV series. However, at the same time, it seems that hardened fans of the franchise are probably the more likely to find fault with what has been created.

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Criticisms levelled at the show include a “generic story,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, while Variety called the Halo TV series “less awe-inspiring than familiar,” comparing it to the mass of epic sci-fi series we have at our fingertips thanks to the wealth of streaming platforms.

If you want to check out the Halo TV series for yourself, you’ll need a subscription to Paramount Plus. The show is exclusive to the streaming platform, and will be released on March 24.