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Halloween Kills set photo shows off Michael Myers’ gruesome facial scars

A new set of behind-the-scene photos from Halloween Kills shows Michael Myers' burned face behind his mask

Halloween Kills set photo shows off Michael Myers' gruesome facial scars

A new set of behind-the-scenes photos from David Gordon Green’s horror movie, Halloween Kills, gives fans a pretty gnarly look at Michael Myers’ face behind his iconic mask. American musician Zach Myers recently shared the unmasked Michael photos on Instagram, posting pics of himself next to a burned faced James Jude Courtney – who plays ‘The Shape’ in the Halloween movies – on the film’s set.

Halloween Kills is the sequel to Green’s Halloween (2018), which was a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 thriller movie. Halloween Kills picks up right where the events of the last movie left off, showing Michael escaping from Laurie’s now burning house, where he was knocked unconscious at the end of Green’s first film. After dodging a fiery demise, we see him go about on his merry murderous way, encountering some mob violence, and in Halloween Kills’ ending, even see his mask get briefly stolen.

Zach Myers took to Instagram to give us a look at the killer’s face, showing that half of it – like his rubber mask – is now burned after Halloween (2018). Courtney sports some incredible prosthetics, making it almost a shame that the washed-out mask practically covers up his face for the entire film.

The musician captioned his images, writing: “So I’ve seen everyone posting their BTS photos of [Halloween Kills] now that the film is out. In October of 2019, I was invited to go to the set again of my favourite movie franchise of all time.”

“I had been on a few before. But this one felt special,” the caption continues. “Here’s some shots I grabbed of my friends working on what now is the number one movie in the country. It was amazing to be on set and watch this movie come to life.”

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Along with revealing Michael’s true face, the post also had plenty of up-close pics of his famed rubber mask, which also features a significant burn. Not counting Rob Zombie’s remakes, Michael has been unmasked in four Halloween movies now. Firstly in 1978, then in Halloween 5, Halloween (2018), and now in Halloween Kills.

However, these face reveals tend to be only brief moments. Maybe we will finally see the mask destroyed and an up-close prolonged shot of Michael’s face in Halloween Kills’ sequel Halloween Ends, which is scheduled to release October 14, 2022.

Halloween Kills is currently out in cinemas and available on the streaming service Peacock for US viewers.