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George Clooney jokingly had best idea for another Ocean’s Eleven movie

Acclaimed actor George Clooney shared one of the best ideas for a future comedy movie while joking about a potential new Ocean's Eleven movie.

George Clooney as Danny Ocean in the heist movie Ocean's Eleven

We are in the era of hit franchises. Be it Marvel movies, the new Harry Potter TV series, or the upcoming Fast and Furious movie Fast X – anything is possible nowadays. And, thanks to George Clooney, we all have a surprising cinematic crossover to add to our wish lists.

During the TCM Classic Film Festival (via Entertainment Weekly), Clooney joked about a possible idea for another Ocean’s Eleven movie. In a stroke of genius, the star proposed that a new heist should get a spicy element and head to the strip club with a Magic Mike crossover.

Considering how both Ocean’s Eleven and Magic Mike were directed by Steven Soderbergh, the crossover does make sense. And, personally, it sounds like we have potentially one of the best comedy movies ever to hit the big screen on our hands if the two combined for a new project.

“Ocean’s Mike?” Clooney reportedly joked about the potential title while discussing the possibility of revisiting the Ocean’s franchise. While Clooney made the suggestion in good humour, going so far as to swing his microphone like a stripper swinging their own goods, again, we are all for this pitch.

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The 2000s movie Ocean’s Eleven has already spawned sequels and spin-offs with Ocean’s Twelve and the all-female-led cast Ocean’s 8. And now that Soderbergh finished off the Magic Mike trilogy with the new movie Magic Mike’s Last Dance, the next flick is more than possible.

However, saying that, it has yet to be confirmed. Currently, Soderbergh is busy working on the TV series Full Circle, while George Clooney is set to star in the thriller movie Wolves.

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