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Game of Thrones fans call this character the real winner of Westeros

Game of Thrones went off the rails by its eighth season, but one thing fans are able to agree on is that this character ultimately won.


When all is said and done, who actually won the Game of Thrones? The five main contenders in the War of the Five Kings are all dead; Daenerys Targaryen was killed after becoming the Mad Queen, and Jon Snow, the last remaining Targaryen ended up banished to the Night Watch because he was the one who killed Daenerys, who was also his aunt and his lover.

Make sense? No? Well, now you know how everyone felt watching Game of Thrones season 8. Still, outside the war for the Iron Throne, countless Game of Thrones characters rose in the ranks throughout the show, leaving them in a vastly different state from how we found them. But which character from one of the 21st century’s best TV series came out on top? According to fans on the fantasy series‘ subreddit, the answer is easy: Bronn.

When we first meet Bronn, he is a lowborn mercenary with no House, title, or links to any of the more prominent families in King’s Landing. But after proving himself to be a loyal ally to Tyrion Lannister, Bronn ends up becoming not only a titled knight, but also Master of the Coin under Bran Stark’s reign as King.

“Bronn rose from a gutter rat to cutthroat to Master of Coin, a position with real power,” one Redditor pointed out. At the same time, a second Redditor insisted there was “no comparison” because “Bronn ended up with Highgarden.”

Commenters on the subreddit also praised Game of Thrones cast member Jerome Flynn, with one Redditor mentioning how he had the “charisma” to pull off the character.

While several other contenders were mentioned in the Reddit post, with Littlefinger proving especially popular, there’s really no competition in terms of who fared better. While Lord Baelish had a stark (pun intended) rise throughout the seasons, his noble background gave him a head start, and even then, his fall from grace was both rapid and bloody.

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On the other hand, Bronn came from nothing and ended up becoming one of the most important people in Westeros. But above all, his character was too funny and likable to be killed off.

“The writers loved Bronn because he could say all the mean dick jokes but also look badass and clever,” a second Redditor added. Another joked that Bronn’s role as Master of the Coin was “fitting because he knows the value of food,” which led to other fans rallying for a spin-off show starring Bronn.

“I want a Bronn spinoff with him completely fucking up harvest shipments (and just completely fucking up as Lord Paramount in general,” a fourth Reddit user added.

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