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Lin-Manuel Miranda shares Encanto 2 update

Lin-Manuel Miranda has been discussing the different forms, including TV and theatre, that an Encanto follow-up could take

Encanto and Lin-Manuel Miranda

Encanto has been one of the biggest Disney hits for some time, especially if you look at the success of the soundtrack and original songs. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has taken the world by storm and songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda could be on his way to an EGOT this year (Emmy, Grammy, Tony and now Oscar).

This has inevitably led to sequel discussions, as well as talk of a potential Disney Plus TV series. Lin-Manuel Miranda has had a busy year, with the movie adaptation of his musical In the Heights, as well as making his directorial debut with tick, tick…BOOM!

Speaking to Collider, he discussed that any follow up to Encanto could take several different forms, including a stage musical; “I do think there’s an appetite to further explore the Madrigal family, given how many characters there are, and how many gifts there are. And also where we leave the story. Now there is sort of this more fully realised version of themselves. Which way can we go?”

Miranda continued; “I think it’s a question of when and not if, and what form that will take. Is that another movie? Is that a series? Is that a stage adaptation where we have a little more time, because stage shows are generally an hour longer than movies?”

He concluded; “And we haven’t had conversations as to what form that will take, but I mean, yeah, I’d be down to continue to explore that. I love writing for Dolores and Camilo. I’d love to write more for them. I’d love to write more for Isabela. So I’m not sure what the next form of that will be, but we haven’t had specific conversations about it’s this or it’s this.”

Miranda also mentioned that he and the Encanto filmmakers have been enjoying the memes, which they share in a group chat. Find out if Moana (which Miranda was also Oscar-nominated for) made it onto our list of Disney Princesses, ranked, and keep an eye on our guide to the Encanto 2 release date.