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Dune 2 will be different to the first in one big way, literally

Denis Villeneuve's first look at Dune 2 sent hype into overdrive, as the sequel will be bigger and better than the first movie, in more ways than one.


Hype is now building for the Dune 2 release, after director Denis Villeneuve and stars Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya introduced a first look at the science fiction movie sequel at CinemaCon. Part Two promises a tattooed Rebecca Ferguson, a bald Austin Butler, and Chalamet riding a sandworm with bright blue eyes, thanks to spice.

The sequel will be bigger in scale, in more ways than one. According to Variety, Villeneuve shot the entire film with IMAX cameras, as Christopher Nolan is famous for doing. Unfortunately, there are only eleven “real IMAX” screens in the US, which have the capability to show the film in its full 1.43 aspect ratio (also known as 70mm), which gives the image great height. They also have dual laser, which affects the sharpness, brightness, contrast and colour of the image.

The other unfortunate circumstance surrounding Dune 2’s IMAX release is that it may only play in the optimum IMAX screens for a week, before the MCU’s The Marvels comes along and kicks it out.

Villeneuve also said he built new sets in order; “to avoid repetition. We went to all new locations…everything is new in the film,” Villeneuve promised. The deserts in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates provide the stunning sand dunes from which Dune gets its name, and which will be spectacular on the biggest screen possible. Part Two also filmed in Budapest and Italy.

The first Dune did get a theatrical release, but it was in October 2021, and went day-and-date on HBO Max. Warner Bros will be hoping that Part Two improves on the $400 million that the first movie took in. The first also won six Oscars, so it will be interesting to see if Part Two also finds awards success. Sequels winning Oscars is a fairly rare occurrence, with Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King being the most notable exception.

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