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Dr Stone season 3 cast, trailer, plot, and release date

Our favourite doctor has come back to his beloved anime series, so here's everything we know about the Dr Stone season 3, cast, trailer, release date and more.

Dr Stone season 3 release date

What is the Dr Stone season 3 release date? While he may not be the most traditional doctor on the block, Dr Stone is the latest anime character to take the world by storm.

Based on the manga of the same name by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi, the anime series is set in a world where, in 2019 AD, humankind was frozen in time and turned into stone. 3,700 years later, the 15-year-old prodigy Senku Ishigami is revived from his petrified prison and sets out to find a cure. Throughout the TV series‘ two seasons and an hour-long TV special, we have seen near-death experiences, adrenaline-inducing discoveries, and mysteries slowly unravelling.

Luckily, Dr Stone season 3 is officially back after a long wait since 2021, and in anticipation of the upcoming comedy series, The Digital Fix has done some in-depth research that would make Senku proud. From the Dr Stone season 3 release date to the trailer, cast, and reviews, here’s everything you need to know about the Kingdom of Science’s latest adventure.

Dr Stone season 3 cast

It won’t come as a surprise to any anime fan to hear that the Dr Stone season 3 cast has brought back all the main voices.

Here is the main Dr Stone season 3 cast list:

  • Yûsuke Kobayashi as Senku Ishigami
  • Makoto Furukawa as Taiju Shiba
  • Manami Numakura as Kohaku
  • Gen Satô as Chrome
  • Ayumu Murase as Ginro
  • Karin Takahashi as Suika
  • Tomoaki Maeno as Kinro
  • Reina Ueda as Ruri
  • Ryota Suzuki as Ryusui Nanami

Dr Stone season 3 release date: Senku smiling with Chrome in the background

Is there a Dr Stone season 3 trailer?

Yes! There is indeed a trailer for Dr Stone season 3. In the clip released by Crunchyroll in December 2021, it’s explained that the chapter will be following the Age of Exploration arc as the gang set out to sail to the edge of the earth.

YouTube Thumbnail

Dr Stone season 3 plot

Picking up where season 2 left off, Dr Stone season 3 is adapting the Age of Exploration arc. This means we are now officially moving into the Source of the Petrification Saga.

Season 3 picks up after the events of season 2, with Senku and Ryusui returning from the first hot air balloon flight in ages.

The Kingdom of Science’s members also move towards setting sail in order to find the origin of the beam that petrified humanity. The main goal will continue to be to revive all of humanity.

Dr Stone season 3 release date: Senku holding a flag

Dr Stone season 3 release date and reviews

Dr Stone season 3 premiered on Crunchyroll on April 6, 2023. The anime is running for two courses, which in layman’s terms, means that it will run as two ‘series’ of television, likely split into two blocks.

Reception has been positive, with IGN awarding the first episode a 7/10, a rating concurred by But Why Tho. An auspicious start to the season!

Dr Stone season 3 release date: Senku and Ryusui in front of a mountain

Where can I watch Dr Stone season 3?

Dr Stone season 3 is streaming on Crunchyroll, which is now the home of seasons 1 and 2 as well. It’s all in the same place. Crunchyroll’s fan membership costs £6.50/$7.99 per month, while the Mega fan tier costs £8.99/$9.99 per month.

Fans can now test-run a Crunchyroll subscription thanks to the 14-day free trial. With access to the platform’s library, fans can enjoy many shows, such as the horror anime Demon Slayer and the classic series One Piece. So what are you waiting for? Anime is awaiting, lads.

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