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This Doctor Who bundle includes the best audio dramas for under $18

The newest Humble Bundle includes some of the very best David Tennant Doctor Who audio dramas and other series treasures for under $20.

Doctor Who megabundle deal Humble

While we eagerly await the arrival of the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary special next month (and even more so for Ncuti Gatwa to make his official entrance as the 15th Doctor next year), there’s never been a better time to revisit some of the best Doctor Who audio dramas and brush up on your Gallifreyan history.

Luckily, you can now buy an astonishing Doctor Who megabundle that includes games, comics, and audiobooks. Available on Humble, the megabundle starts at just under $1 for the five item bundle, or $17.76 for the entire 36 items.

But, frankly, if you’re a megafan of the sci-fi series like us, you’ll probably have your eye on the full collection. The real gem in here is the audio drama selection, which includes stories voiced by none other than David Tennant and Billie Piper themselves, like Infamy of the Zaross, and The Sword of the Chevalier. (These usually go for a pretty penny on their own, around the $13 mark.)

The Tales from New Earth audio drama is also included, which takes place in one of the best settings featured in the TV series: New Earth. (Which you’ll remember from the episodes The End of the World, New Earth, and Gridlock.) For the record, the Tales from New Earth audio usually costs around $36, so this is an incredible deal.

And that’s not even the half of it. Everything in the bundle has a value of $708.84, and you can check out the expansive list of everything that’s included below. If you don’t want to miss out, be sure to get your hands on it right here.

Doctor Who megabundle

Here’s the full list of everything included in the Doctor Who 36 item bundle:

  • Doctor Who — The Tenth Doctor Chronicles
  • Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Volume 1-7
  • Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space – Tenth Doctor Adventures Book
  • Doctor Who – Infamy of the Zaross Audio Drama
  • Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Year 3 Volume 1-3
  • Doctor Who – The Sword of the Chevalier Audio Drama
  • Doctor Who – Cold Venegeance
  • Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Archives Volume 1-3
  • The Diary of River Song Series 02
  • Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Volume 1
  • Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Volume 1
  • Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space – Eleventh Doctor Adventures Book
  • Doctor Who: Aliens and Creatures
  • Doctor Who – Damaged Goods
  • UNIT – Shutdown
  • Cat’s Eye
  • Medicine Man
  • The Ravens of Despair
  • The First Doctor Sourcebook
  • The Second Doctor Sourcebook
  • The Third Doctor Sourcebook
  • The Fourth Doctor Sourcebook
  • The Fifth Doctor Sourcebook
  • The Sixth Doctor Sourcebook
  • The Seventh Doctor Sourcebook
  • The Eighth Doctor Sourcebook
  • The Ninth Doctor Sourcebook
  • The Tenth Doctor Sourcebook
  • The Eleventh Doctor Sourcebook
  • The Twelfth Doctor Sourcebook
  • The Einstein Engine
  • Tales From New Earth Audio Drama
  • Doctor Who: A Tale of Two Time Lords
  • Doctor Who Roleplaying Game Rulebook
  • The Time Traveller’s Companion
  • Defending the Earth: The Unit Sourcebook

That’s a lot of goodies right there! With some of the best Doctor incarnations featured, there should be plenty here to keep you going until the Doctor Who season 14 release date hits. What’s more, this bundle helps raise money for Children in Need, so you can be sure that adding to your collection will also serve as a good deed. (It’s what the Doctor would do.) The Doctor Who Megabundle is available until November 23.

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