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Who is the 15th Doctor’s side kick? New Doctor Who companion explained

Who is the 15th Doctor's companion? The 15th Doctor is played by Ncuti Gatwa and will lead from series 14 onwards, so who is his companion?

Doctor Who: 15th Doctor companion. Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday

Who is the new Doctor Who companion? After so many months of mystery, we suddenly seem to know quite a lot about the future of the franchise, including the identity of the latest companion.

That’s hugely important because Doctor Who is as much about the companions as it is about The Doctor. When Doctor Who season 14 begins and Ncuti Gatwa takes over he’ll need to find his first Doctor Who companion and now we’re starting to know what to expect.

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Who is the 15th Doctor’s companion?

Millie Gibson will be the 15th Doctor’s companion named Ruby Sunday, as revealed during the BBC’s annual Children in Need program at the start of 2023.

As filming for Doctor Who series 14 continued throughout 2024, with the two lead actors in their roles, we’ve got to see some first look images of the pair in action. They look brilliant, and we’ve got no doubt they’ll be an awesome duo.

Having said that, Gibson and Gatwa will have a lot of pressure on their shoulders after reports of a new huge budget for the TV series coincided with a deal with streaming service Disney Plus. So, whether the announcement was one that you expected or not, it’s a very, very exciting time to be a fan of Doctor Who and we can’t wait for a cute Lego Doctor Who set with the new duo side by side.

Who is the 15th Doctor's companion? Millie Gibson in coronation street

Who is Millie Gibson?

Millie Gibson, who will be joining Ncuti Gatwa as the face of the sci-fi series, is best known for her time in Coronation Street. The young actor has been in the famous UK drama series since 2019 as Kelly Neelan. She has also been in the series Butterfly, and Jamie Johnson.

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