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The Little Mermaid is set to break this Disney movie record

If you already can't wait for the new Disney movie, then you'll probably love the latest news that shows how The Little Mermaid is going to swim past the rest.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid wants to be part of the live-action Disney remake world. And it’s set to do just so, but perhaps break a few records in the process.

In the hype building up for the release date, fans have been taking a long hard look at each and every clip, picture, and piece of news they can about the upcoming family movie. (It’s fair enough – Ariel is many people’s favourite Disney Princess, so it’s natural to feel a bit protective.)

But in the newest snippet of information that’s come out about the musical, fans will probably be pleased to hear that they’re going to be getting a lot of aquatic fun for their money. A lot.

According to film listings now appearing, it seems that the Disney movie will be clocking in at a whopping 135 minutes. So what does this mean in the wider scope of Disney flicks? Well, this would give The Little Mermaid the longest-runtime of all the Disney live-action adaptations.

In comparison, the original animated movie is a grand total of 84 minutes, proving just how much more of the underwater world we’re going to get. (Hopefully, that additional runtime will mean we get plenty of scenes with the best Disney villain, Ursula.)

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We do know that there will be additional songs, as is often the case in these live action movies, so will probably play a big part in adding on those extra minutes. Though whether this new tunes will beat out the already existing soundtrack, which contains some of the best Disney songs ever made, remains to be seen.

The only other live action Disney film that has clocked over two hours of runtime is Cruella, though this is technically a prequel, rather than a straight adaptation.

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