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Home Alone reboot gets first trailer, internet is not impressed

Fans aren't happy about the new Home Alone reboot after Disney Plus releases the first trailer for the family movie

Internet reacts to Disney's Home Alone reboot

Disney Plus has released the first trailer for the Home Alone reboot – and let’s just say that the upcoming Christmas movie has left fans less than impressed. After the streaming service announced the teaser, social media became a battlefield, with many voicing their objection to the studio remaking the classic family movie from the ‘90s.

Home Sweet Home Alone, directed by Dan Mazer (Dirty Grandpa), is set to be a new comedy movie that will revitalise the beloved story from the original 1990 film. Starring Archie Yates (Jojo Rabbit) as Max, the franchise will have a new face, ultimately replacing Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin). The upcoming kids movie will also follow the typical Home Alone set-up, seeing the young actor being accidentally left behind when his family travels to Japan for the holidays.

However, Max soon finds that having the house to himself isn’t as fun as he’d imagined once a couple of robbers try to steal a precious family heirloom. Despite the similarities between the new movie and the original one from the ‘90s – plot wise – fans were quick to voice their displeasure online following Disney’s posts.

On Twitter, one user commented that the reboot looked more like a remake and called out the lack of creativity in the project writing: “Did they just take the script from the first film and add British people to it with slight alterations? Because they definitely did.”

Other fans tweeted their disappointment in Disney for trying to “replace” the original cast and expressed how Macaulay Culkin will always be the franchise’s face.

The reaction to the trailer on other social channels besides Twitter has been equally cold so far. At the time of writing this, the amount of dislikes for the trailer on YouTube far exceeds the number of likes.

There will always be pushback for any reboot to a popular movie, however considering the amount of upset Home Alone fans, it seems like Home Sweet Home Alone has a bit of an uphill battle ahead of its premiere. However, who knows, the Disney movie could still surprise us yet, and become a new favourite holiday film.

Home Sweet Home Alone is set to release exclusively on Disney Plus on November 12.