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A Diablo TV series is long overdue and should be on everyone’s radar

After hits such as The Witcher, we believe that a Diablo TV series is long overdue and we are ready to fight for an adaptation now that Diablo 4 is here.

From Lord of the Rings to the battle for Westeros in Game of Thrones, let’s be honest; people love fantasy. There is something about sleek swords cutting into creatures of the dark and adventuring parties spelunking into abandoned mines that never fails to capture our imagination. So why, then, in an era when the genre is thriving, do we not have any Diablo TV series or movies?

If you have access to the internet, chances are you know that the hit role-playing videogame Diablo IV just released. Published by Blizzard, the game is the fourth main entry in the franchise and lets players pick a character from one of several classes. You may choose to play as a Barbarian or a Sorcerer, but either way, you will be dungeon crawling and trying to hold back some gnarly-looking demons in an effort to push back the forces of hell.

Like many fans of fantasy and hacking my way through waves of enemies, I jumped at the chance to pick myself up a copy. And while the gameplay and carnage didn’t disappoint, so far, I’ve been left wanting more…more from Hollywood, that is. Diablo isn’t just tons of fun; it’s an impressive story and a potential TV series treasure trove. And if this newest game has proven anything, it is that an adaptation is long overdue.

Just like other successful RPGs, such as The Witcher, Diablo isn’t just a straight-action fest. It’s an IP with tons of substance and enough lore that it can easily stand next to the likes of George RR Martin’s world in Game of Thrones.

Taking dark fantasy to a whole new level, the games tell the story of the ongoing war between Heaven and Hell and are packed with demonic politics, lovers’ betrayal, and eons of history, which have led to our playable character’s abilities.

Angels and Demons have been fighting in an endless war known as the Eternal Conflict. Their goal is to hold control over all creation, for chaos on the Demon’s side, and order on Heaven’s. However, Diablo’s main setting is born from the union between a demon (Lilith) and an angel (Inarius) who sought to escape the conflict.

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The two created Sanctuary by using The Worldstone, an ancient relic that can bend reality, in hopes of attaining peace together. However, as you can guess, the lovers didn’t get a happy ending. Lilith has goals of beating both Heaven and Hell, coming out as a victor of the Eternal Conflict, leading Inarius to banish her into The Void (a realm of nothingness) on more than one occasion.

The humans of Sanctuary also fling themselves into conflict as they develop their magic, which leads to a demon being resurrected. The demon tells the Prime Evils of Hell the location of Sanctuary (which still has the Worldstone), and yeah, all hell breaks loose.

This is a very brief description of Diablo’s history, and to be honest, to get into everything would take at least a couple of hours to read. I also don’t want to spoil anything for all you fellow Diablo 4 players.

Diablo TV series: Lilith being reborn in Diablo 4

So I will say, The Eternal Conflict is still raging, Lilith has made her way back to Sanctuary, and Inarius is becoming increasingly disillusioned about his paradise. However, with complex character arcs and surprising revelations, the line between good and evil has become downright murky.

This is a full-blown saga, and with war, forbidden and tragic romance, and gruesome demons, you can’t tell me that Diablo wouldn’t make an amazing fantasy series! Imagine if a director like Guillermo del Toro got his claws into the dark fantasy, bringing us the gruesome monsters and capturing the strangely beautiful yet macabre world that is Sanctuary.

Or what if the Oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao, who directed the stunning Diablo 4 live-action trailer, got free reign to helm an entire project? After all, the teaser proved that Zhao understands the desolate atmosphere of the videogames and their somber characters. The trailer also showed us how amazing live-action sequences of Diablo 4 dungeon crawling and fights can look if done right. We want more, dammit!

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If the trailer above isn’t enough to get you excited about a potential Diablo TV series, the IP also has a well of A-list actors that could pop up in its cast. Firstly, if you’ve been playing Diablo 4, you may have recognized the voice of Ralph Ineson as Lorath. Ineson has appeared in a number of projects, such as the horror movie The Witch and the 2021 fantasy The Green Knight. He’d be perfect in a Diablo adaptation and is already familiar with the game’s lore.

Megan Fox has also been taking to social media recently, reading Diablo 4 eulogies submitted by players. As a massive Jennifer’s Body fan and Megan Fox stan, you know that she’d go at the top of my casting wish list for Lilith in the Diablo TV series, period. So yeah, from a captivating story and well-known actors to award-winning directors, the building blocks for a new videogame adaptation are all there. Really there is nothing to lose and everything for studios to gain.

Drama series such as House of the Dragon, Rings of Power, and The Witcher, have proven that fans are hungry for long-form fantasy. People love creative mythology, otherworldly characters, and magical fight sequences. And who doesn’t want a good old monster to haunt their dreams too?

Diablo TV series: Inarius banishing demons and monsters

And the funny thing is, Activision Blizzard already know the benefit of TV series and film, long before The Last of Us horror series captured our hearts in 2023. Not only have we already seen the fantasy movie World of Warcraft hit the big screen in 2016, but Activision has a history in Hollywood. In fact, the company once set its sights on acquiring Warner Bros.

During an interview with Variety, CEO of Activision Bobby Kotick shared what the plans would have been if the Hollywood deal went through. “We’d take their IP and turn it into games. They’d take our IP and turn it into film and television, and we’d have an extraordinary company,” he said.

So, realistically a Diablo adaptation is entirely feasible since we know that its creators see the benefit in Hollywood. The project can also benefit the game side of the business too, as there are tons of marketing opportunities available.

Back when World of Warcraft was in cinemas, fans had the chance to receive a free digital copy of the game. And considering how Diablo 4 is Blizzard’s fastest-selling title, a similar promotion would cause a wave of engagement and new customers washing up on the company’s shores.

Diablo TV series: the playable characters in Diablo 4

The Diablo franchise has already sold 24.8 million copies worldwide and has tons of books based on its lore and spin-off comics. In short, it has a fanbase, it has the source material, and studios would be foolish to keep sleeping on its potential.

So, as I continue dungeon crawling and trying to make my perfect Diablo 4 build, I’ll be dreaming of the Diablo TV series that I know would be amazing if given a chance. Fingers crossed that a studio sees the light soon and tries to make a deal with Blizzard. Until then, godspeed, fellow adventurers, and I’ll see you in Kyovashad.

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