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Taylor Swift loses out on major record to hit DC movie

She may be a global superstar, but even Taylor Swift can't defeat the one of the most formidable characters from the DCU when it comes to the box office.

Taylor Swift on her Eras Tour, with Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in The Batman, and Joaquin Phoenix as Joker

If there is anyone in the world who could possibly be more powerful than even the best superheroes and villains, it’s Taylor Swift. But, the pop queen has lost a big battle at the box office to a DC favorite.

The DCU has a lot going on right now, and watching the DC movies in order is about to get a lot more complicated thanks to James Gunn and Peter Safran’s plans for Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters. But, it’s not their new movies that are causing problems for Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour film.

No, it’s actually one of the best DC villains who has scuppered Swift’s plans to bring in the biggest October opening of all time. Damn you, Joker!

Swift has just released The Eras Tour, a concert movie featuring footage from the musician’s epic performances along her latest tour. So, if you didn’t manage to get tickets to see her in person, you can watch (and hear) all the action in your nearest theater.

Naturally, anything relating to Swift is bound to be one of the biggest and best musical events of the year. But, according to figures from CNBC, The Eras Tour has narrowly missed out on defeating 2019’s Joker to become the highest domestic opening of any film ever released in the month of October.

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Joker benefited from being an origin story for one of the best DC characters of all time, and also had the power of one of the best actors, Joaquin Phoenix, behind it. These factors, twinned with the mass hysteria that surrounded the film at the time where people believed it would lead to riots on the street, helped Joker achieve an opening of $96.2 million.

The Eras Tour opened to a sum of $92.8 million, which sounds huge, but AMC and box office experts actually predicted the film would be closer to breaking the $100 million barrier. That said, Swift’s movie did open in fewer screens than Joker, and no screenings were held before 6pm on the opening Friday, which may well have contributed to the relatively disappointing returns.

We say disappointing, but those figures are still absolutely staggering. Who knows, the power of the Swifties could end up making The Eras Tour one of the highest-grossing movies of all time. That is, until Phoenix reprises his role for the Joker 2 release date and takes down Taylor once again. Now that is a superhero movie I would pay to watch. If you want more DC content, here’s what we know about Superman Legacy, too.