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John Cena’s DCEU TV Series Peacemaker renewed for season 2

James Gunn and John Cena have announced that the Suicide Squad spin off Peacemaker has been renewed for a second season on HBO Max

Peacemaker season 2 confirmed

People must be in love with peace because John Cena’s Suicide Squad spin-off Peacemaker has been renewed for a second season. The news was announced by the man behind the Peacemaker DCEU TV series, James Gunn, and his leading man Cena on social media.

“Creating Peacemaker has been one of the true highlights of my life, both professionally and otherwise, with John Cena and the incredible creative team around me, as well as our partners at HBO Max,” Gunn said in a statement released by Warner Bros. “To have something we all love so much be loved by the audience in turn has been a wonderful experience. I can’t wait for folks to see where team Peacemaker goes in season two!”

Cena meanwhile said he was honoured and humbled by fans reaction to Peacemaker and the experience of playing the violent anti-hero. Based on the DC comics character of the same name, Peacemaker’s first season saw the jingoistic superhero once again try and save the world from parasitic aliens.

“The brilliance of James Gunn once again shines with Peacemaker,” Sarah Aubrey, head of original content at HBO Max, said in a statement. “He took this character, brought to life by the inimitable John Cena and created an exceptional series that’s simultaneously thrilling, hilarious and heartfelt, showcasing the humanity beneath this team of misfits living in a superhuman world. As the first original DC show to have its series premiere on HBO Max, we are thrilled that the viewers agreed to give peace a fucking chance.”

Gunn’s previously teased that he’s more The Suicide Squad spin-off ideas in mind,  although he’s not elaborated on what those ideas are. While we’re pretty confident Gunn isn’t reading this (though you never know), might we suggest an animated series starring Ratcatcher and Sebastian? Just an idea…