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Jason Momoa’s Lobo had better include his one true love

Jason Momoa is reported to be playing The Main Man and Superman's enemy, Lobo, in DC movie Superman Legacy. But James Gunn needs to include this one thing.

After news surfaced yesterday that Jason Momoa was “in talks” to play Lobo, we couldn’t be more pleased. While the DCEU had its ups and downs, Momoa’s portrayal of Aquaman in the movies was definitely a high point. So, we couldn’t be more pleased that he might be showing up in the DC Universe — even if he won’t be playing Arthur Curry anymore.

Momoa rejoining the DCU as Lobo seems perfect, really. In the comics, he’s one of the best DC villains, a recurring enemy of Superman, and it’s being claimed that the DC character will make their debut along with Superman actor David Corenswet in the new movie Superman Legacy.

If you’ve watched all the DC movies in order, you’ll know that Lobo has never actually appeared in a movie before. The character did make its live-action debut on the silver screen in the spin-off series Krypton, though.

In the comics, Lobo is the last survivor of the planet Czrnia — except unlike Superman with Krypton, Lobo is the only one left from his home planet because he went off and killed everyone else for… fun. No, really. That’s the reason he gives.

He’s certainly not someone you’d want to mess with, as he’s garnered a reputation for being the most fearsome bounty hunter in the universe. Being a bounty hunter, he’s butted heads with Justice League and Superman in the past but has also taken the heroes’ side against the bad guys on occasion, too — provided the pay is good.

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But the one thing that brings out Lobo’s soft side is his beloved Space Dolphins. As the name implies, space dolphins are versions of the aquatic creature that can survive in space. They can communicate through telepathy and even let Lobo ride them around the galaxy when he isn’t on his space motorcycle, the Space Hog.

All the best superhero movies have a lovable pet sidekick, so if Momoa really is going to play Lobo in the DCU, let’s hope he brings the space dolphins with him. He once almost came to blows with Aquaman over his beloved pals being in danger before butchering the fishermen who were the actual threat. If we had an iconic duo like that facing off against Superman, I reckon we’d be looking at the best movie DC ever made.

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