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The Batman 2 will be released in less than five years, says producer

While a sequel to The Batman is yet to be confirmed, one of the producers has confidently declared that it will be out in less than five years

The Batman

Matt Reeves’ The Batman will be released on March 4, after a long time in development – moving from being a Ben Affleck vehicle, potentially directed by Affleck – to something quite different. The Batman is a reboot of sorts and exists outside the DCEU, with Robert Pattinson having a new take on the character, and according to reviews, playing him as a kind of noir detective.

To be fair to Bat-fans, it’s been a decade since the last “solo” Batman film, as Affleck’s version of the character had to share main character billing with Henry Cavill’s Superman. This interminable wait has made some people wary about how long it might take for Reeves and Pattinson to make The Batman 2, which hasn’t been confirmed but is as inevitable as night following day.

ComicBook.com spoke to producer Dylan Clark at the premiere of The Batman, about the potential sequel and Clark responded with confidence; “I will go on record and say that it will be less than five years” until it comes out.

Also, let us remind you that we should be seeing a spin-off series – starring Colin Farrell’s The Penguin coming to HBO Max, probably before the movie sequel comes out.

The review embargo for The Batman lifted on the last day of February, and it’s currently sitting pretty with an 87% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s projected to be only the second movie released during the pandemic era to cross the $100 million opening weekend threshold.

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