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Aquaman’s most powerful ability is too strong for the DCU

Aquaman's most devastating superpower is probably too strong to show up in DC movies, but we would like to see Jason Momoa take a crack at it anyway.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Aquaman is one of the few remaining superheroes in the DCU. At least, he is now, pre-Aquaman 2 release date. Who knows what James Gunn‘s Chapter 1 — Gods and Monsters will bring with its new movies, but Arthur Curry’s time may be up before we got a chance to see this overpowered ability.

The Justice League may be made up of some of the best DC characters, some with the mythos of Greek Gods, but this unique Aquaman power has the potential to kill them all.

In Grant Morrison and Howard Porter’s comic book JLA #4, Arthur demonstrated why he’s more than just that fish guy: during a fight with an evil speedster, it’s revealed he can make people have seizures.

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How is this possible? Well, we know Aquaman can control marine life, that’s how he’s able to make use of sea creatures, ride sharks, and protect the oceans, but he also has power over what has evolved from aquatic life. When using the ability, Arthur can effectively instantly disable his enemy by making their body seize. Alien or human, he can shut them down almost immediately.

It’s fair to say nobody would be betting on Aquaman in a fight to the death against Superman, but this ability evens the odds somewhat. If he was able to surprise a hero or villain, he could potentially kill them before they get the chance to strike back.

This is far from Arthur’s only boon, he’s also incredibly fast, strong, and has an army behind him. But we can add this to the evidence he’s up there with the Justice League’s big hitters, able to take on the best DC villains alongside him.

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