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Clint Eastwood’s underrated crime drama is smashing the Netflix charts

The streaming service Netflix is a home to some of the best movies around, but now it's an underrated crime thriller from Clint Eastwood that's making waves.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is a living legend, with an acting career in Western movies which goes back decades. Also an Oscar winning director, Clint Eastwood‘s career is reportedly set to come to an end after he finishes work on his latest feature, Juror #2, which will likely be one of the biggest new movies of 2024.

It will be the next movie in Eastwood’s late-stage career, which has seen him take the helm of American Sniper, Sully, Richard Jewell, and Cry Macho. These have allowed him to step away from making the best Westerns in the genre, and have generally been underrated.

However, now, one of the newer Clint Eastwood movies is absolutely crushing it on Netflix. This week, the icon’s 2018 crime drama movie The Mule soared up the charts, eventually claiming the #2 spot, just behind Extraction 2 starring Chris Hemsworth. If it wasn’t for the action movie sequel, Eastwood’s The Mule would be sitting pretty at the very top.

The Mule is loosely a movie based on a true story, which Eastwood both directed and starred in, alongside a cast which included Bradley Cooper and Laurence Fishburne. In The Mule, Eastwood stars as Earl Stone, a lonely elderly man who become a mule for a drug cartel, transporting cocaine across the state of Illinois.

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Upon its release it received moderately positive reviews and performed decently at the box office too, but since then its been severely underrated, like a lot of Eastwood’s more recent work. The actor gives a deeply poignant performance, in a surprising and tense story.

In short, it’s great, and it’s wonderful to see it getting the recognition it deserves on Netflix. Now, we wait for Juror #2 and hope that the reports of it being Eastwood’s final movie are wrong.

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