Blood and Water season 3 release date , cast, plot and more

Here's everything you'll need to know about the Blood and Water season 3 release date as we head back to Parkhurst College once more

Blood and Water season 3 release date:

What is the Blood and Water season 3 release date? Netflix’s South African teen drama, Blood and Water, is a standout original TV series straight out of Cape Town. The show follows Puleng, a high school girl who transfers to an elite school hoping to find her sister, who was abducted at birth by human traffickers. Puleng is determined to reunite with her sister, who she suspects is a promising young athlete at the school.

Unsurprisingly, with such a twisted tale at the fore, it’s a show filled with mystery and shocking twists. Blood and Water is a standout original from South Africa and is one of the streaming services‘ most watched drama series, offering a massive opportunity for its breakthrough stars.

Two seasons down and Netflix isn’t done yet. So, when can viewers expect the Blood and Water season 3 release date? We’ve some exciting news, including speculation on the returning cast, new plot, and trailer below. If you’re ready to jump into the dark secrets of Cape Town, then Blood and Water is one to watch.

Blood and Water season 3 release date

Blood and Water streamed on Netflix in November 2022.  Netflix officially announced on Instagram on April 6, 2022, that Blood and Water would be back for season 3.

Not only that, but the streaming platform revealed that the cast and crew were already in production. The first sneak peek at the new season was posted on social media alongside the caption, “Mzansi’s coolest kids are back! #BloodAndWater season 3 is currently in production. Here’s your first look.”

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In terms of a release date, season 1 came out in May 2020, and season 2 in September 2021 with some pandemic-related delays. So, if we were to speculate around the news that the show was back in production in April, we might be able to expect season 3 anytime from mid to late 2022. Watch this space. We’ll update you when we know.

Blood and Water season 3 release date:

Blood and Water season 3 plot

Spoilers up ahead! Season 2 left fans with many unanswered questions after an explosive finale ended on some pretty intense cliffhangers. The mystery that the entire show revolved around was seemingly solved. But, other deep secrets were bubbling under the surface, making way for new paths to be explored in the Blood and Water season 3 plot.

Fans have been left wanting to know more about the human trafficking network as well as more about Fikile herself. One big question that loomed over season 2 was the revelation that Puleng and Fikile don’t have the same father. So, who is Fikile’s real father?

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There was also a lot of drama around Puleng’s love life, culminating in the end-of-year school dance. Puleng and Wade’s relationship has been pretty hot and cold, thrown into seemingly more turmoil when Fikile catches Puleng kissing KB in the storeroom. What will happen next with Puleng, KB, and Wade’s love triangle?

In season 2, it also became apparent that two new characters had a dark involvement in the kidnapping of Fikile. Samuel and, most importantly, his mother, Janet, seem to have a connection to the human trafficking ring and are subsequently forced into witness protection by the end of season 2. Whether they’ll be returning for season 3 is unclear.

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Finally, we know that the show has continued to be shot in and around Cape Town, meaning Blood and Water will pick up in the same location where it left off.

Blood and Water season 3 release date:

Blood and Water season 3 cast

Given how Blood and Water season 2 ended, we’d expect to see much of the same cast returning in the Blood and Water season 3 cast.

  • Puleng Khumalo as Ama Qamata
  • Fikile Bhele as Khosi Ngema
  • Thandeka Khumalo as Gail Mabalane
  • Karabo ‘KB’ Molapo as Thabang Molaba
  • Wade Daniels as Dillon Windvogel
  • Chris Ackerman as Arno Greeff
  • Reece Van Rensburg as Gretel Fincham
  • Wendy Dlamini as Natasha Thahane
  • Tahira Kahn as Mekaila Mathys
  • Sandi Schultz as Principal Daniels
  • Chad Morgan as Ryle de Morny
  • Zama Bolton as Cindy Mahlangu
  • Mark Tedder as Duane Williams
  • Pauline as Katishcka Kiara
  • Zayd as Alzavia Abrahams

As mentioned, Sam (Leroy Siyafa) and his mother Janet (Zikhona Sodlaka) played pivotal roles in season 2’s plot, but the finale put their return for more episodes in season 3 in jeopardy.

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Blood and Water season 3 trailer

The trailer for Blood and Water season 3 dropped in October 2022. You can watch it right here.

Blood and Water season 3 release date:

Where to watch Blood and Water season 1 and 2

While you await the return of Blood and Water season 3, both seasons 1 and 2 can be streamed exclusively on Netflix. That’s 13 episodes of pure South African teen drama to enjoy.

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