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Bill Nighy loves Pokémon, and his favorite’s the perfect choice

Bill Nighy wants be the very best, like no one ever was, and to do so he's going to need the help of his favorite Pokémon, who we think is the perfect choice.

Bill nighy in the Pokemon movie, Detective Pikachu

Do you know who we love? Bill Nighy. He just seems like a really cool guy, the type of actor who you could have a really deep chat with. We even know what we’d talk to him about. We’d ask him about Pokémon.
Why would we ask him about Pokémon? Well, because it’s one of the best anime series ever, and he apparently loves it.

In an interview with The Guardian, Nighy admitted that while he was “generationally disqualified” from enjoying Pokémon, he put a lot of effort into studying the anime while preparing to play the villain in the family movie Detective Pikachu.

“I did a crash course in Pokémon lore and bought every book available, including the deeply impressive Pokédex,” Nighy explained. “I love the collecting. When I get around to it, I’m going to download the [Pokémon Go] app and go to Strasbourg. Someone told me they went Pokémon hunting in Strasbourg, which made an impression on me.”

Nighy was so enamored with the little pocket monsters that he even took home props from the set of his Pokémon movie to decorate his house.

“[My character owned] ancient Pokémon wall hangings, punched out in ancient stone, or at least given the appearance of that,” he continued. “I now own them. They are absolutely enormous. They weigh a tonne. They’re in my cellar at the moment because I have to find a wall strong enough to hold them.”

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It’s perhaps unsurprising then that Nighy’s favorite Pokémon is as ancient as the wall hangings he coveted. “The ancient Mew was probably my top, top favorite because he’s just majestic, and he was the very first,” he finished. “He was elegant and powerful.”

Nighy’s far from the only celebrity to enjoy Pokémon. John Meyer, Zach Braff, and Harry Potter cast alum Evanna Lynch are all reportedly fans of the game.

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