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Guillermo del Toro pranked Bill Hader on Barry season 4 set

Barry fans are all extremely excited to see the fourth and final season of their favourite hitman actor show, and the season has a very cool cameo as a treat.


Barry fans are delighted that the series is back at last, with a fourth and final season. They are all obviously keen to find out how things are going to shake down in the end for our favourite Barry characters including Barry himself, Sally, NoHo Hank, Gene and Fuches. We have also been promised some exciting cameos in the final season, one of whom Bill Hader has revealed to be none other than directing maestro Guillermo del Toro.

Hader told Deadline; “We can say Guillermo del Toro’s in the third episode, and he’s very funny. He did a great job and he brought his own cane, which was great. He had two different takes on the character, and they were both really interesting. And he brought his wonderful wife Kim [Morgan] with him, and it was just really sweet.”

Hader’s reputation as a director, as well as an actor, has increased immensely since Barry began in 2018. Hader was asked what it was like having a master filmmaker such as del Toro on set; “He was f***ing with me a little bit. He was like, ‘Are you really going to block it like this?'”

Hader continued; “No, he was really funny, and we’re all friends. I’m friends with him, and I’m friends with Alfonso Cuarón [director of the best Harry Potter movie], and Alfonso was texting me, ‘Guillermo says you don’t know how to direct.’ [Laugh] They were just f***ing with me while I’m shooting with him. Guillermo was like, ‘I never said that. No, no, no. He’s being an assh*le.’ But no, it was very fun. I was just really impressed with him.”


The start of the fourth season finds Barry in prison, with none other than Fuches, so that will certainly make for a tense time. Things also get surreal, as Barry starts to mentally unravel, having vivid hallucinations and flashbacks. Hader directed all eight episodes of season 4, and it’s obviously only a matter of time before he directs a film. He has a few ideas in mind, including a horror movie.

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