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Rebel Wilson divides BAFTAs viewers with “cringey” hosting

The BAFTAs was a big night for countless movies like Dune, Power of the Dog, CODA and West Side Story — but people were divided over Rebel Wilson's hosting

rebel wilson baftas host

Hosting an awards show is an impressive gig for many. If you host a big ceremony like the BAFTAs, Oscars or Emmys, you will go down in history. The trouble is, you have to go down in history as a good presenter rather than a bad one. Unfortunately, it looks like Wilson may go down in history in the latter category as countless social media users criticising her “cringey” presenting at the 2022 BAFTAs.

Viewers had high hopes for Wilson after she caused a stir at the 2020 BAFTAs, making a jibe about allegations made against UK Royal Prince Andrew, but when she made the exact same joke two years later, they fell a lot flatter.

Other awkward jokes that didn’t quite seem to land include a joke about Will Smith’s open marriage, a Daniel Craig leg tattoo, and handing out golden bras to uncomfortable audience members like Lady Gaga’s partner. She also led bizarre segments like cutting a cake with Benedict Cumberbatch’s face on it, and later joked that Cumberbatch had won the award for “Best Actor In The Room Who Has Just Reminded Me He Is Married.”

As the star trended on Twitter for her presenting, several Twitter users remarked that the presenting was “cringe” and “unfunny.” A lot of memes made reference to the fact that a lot of her jokes fell flat, while one viral tweet compared Wilson’s presenting to Samantha Fox and Mick Fleetwood’s 1989 presenting of the Brit Awards: a presenting turn that went down in history as one of the worst.  Transgender issues seemed to be a running gag for Wilson throughout the evening, as she later joked, “I’ve done quite a transformation – I hope JK Rowling still approves.”

Like Wilson, Harry Potter star Emma Watson also appeared to make a subtle jibe at the fantasy movie series’ book author J.K. Rowling. In response to Wilson introducing her on-stage, where she jokingly called Watson a “witch,” Watson said, “I’m here for all witches.”

Many on Twitter interpreted this comment as a dig at Rowling’s purported views on transgender people, with the writer being vocal about her gender critical outlook on social media in the past.

Wilson and Watson weren’t the only people to cause a stir during the BAFTAS. While presenting the Best Director award, Lord of the Rings star Andy Serkis made a dig at UK Home Office Secretary Priti Patel, and started trending on Twitter as a result.

He said, “It’s no surprise that Priti Patel on her debut feature, Hostile Environment, found enormous problems. And that her follow up movie – All Refugees Are Welcome But Some Are More Welcome Than Others – is a complete nightmare.”

When we weren’t hiding our heads in our hands at Wilson’s presenting, Dune won a total of five BAFTAs while CODA, Power of the Dog, and West Side Story all won two each — with Power of the Dog getting the big one, winning Best Film.

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