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Back to the Future star answers all your questions in a brilliant song

This Back to the Future star got so sick of being asked the same questions that he decided to put all the answers into musical form. The results are amazing.

Michael F Fox in Back to the Future

Like all the best time travel movies, Back to the Future has been bending audience’s minds for decades. Back to the Future deals with paradoxes and a confusing (but wildly entertaining) chain of cause and effect which is only compounded by the sequels.

This means fans have had many lingering questions for decades, not helped by the fact that other science fiction movies in the genre all seem to have their own rules. But not all the questions are just linked to the ins and outs of temporal mechanics: sometimes, fans just want to know if Michael J Fox is nice.

At least, that’s what Back to the Future star Thomas F. Wilson gets asked most. He also gets asked what Christopher Lloyd is like, and if he can call people ‘butt head’. The actor got so sick of answering the same questions over and over again that he decided to put all the answers into one very useful – and very funny – song.

You can check it out for yourself below to be simultaneously informed and entertained.

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Turns out the cast don’t hang out, Michael J Fox is nice, and there’s not chance of a Back to the Future 4. At least, not according to the main cast. Fox himself recently said that he would refuse to be involved in any reboot of the series which, in the current era of reboots, remakes and nostalgia, seems like it might be inevitable.

A reboot or sequel would have huge shoes to fill, though. With an electric cast and perfect execution, Back to the Future is one of the best movies of all time and casts a towering shadow over the science fiction and comedy genres as a brilliant combination of the two. To start with, replacing the likes of Fox, Lloyd, and Wilson would surely be impossible.

The only potential upside would be that Wilson would get to add more verses to his song.

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