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Avatar 2’s stunning concept art shows underwater world in detail

Newly released concept art from Avatar 2 highlights Pandora's deep oceans in beautiful detail, and gives a look at new creatures too

Avatar 2 new concept art released: a still from avatar 2 trailer

New concept art for James Cameron’s Avatar 2 has been released to celebrate D23 2022, and it shows Pandora’s underwater world in stunning detail. Avatar 2 is due to release later this year on December 16.

The science fiction movie will a sequel to Avatar, which remains one of the most successful movies ever made. The story of Avatar 2, which has a full title of Avatar: The Way of the Water, will explore Pandora’s oceans. The movie itself will be set over a decade after the events of the first Avatar, and it will follow Jake Sully and his family as they continue to encounter new challenges.

The underwater world of Pandora has been highlighted in all the promotional material for the movie so far. At the D23 2022 event that continued, but not through a new trailer. Instead, fans were given a look at a piece of concept art for the movie.

The concept art highlights the underwater world of Pandora, which is populated by huge ocean creatures living among what looks like massive coral structures. Check it out below:

avatar 2 concept art

The art also shows a Na’vi riding one of the ocean creatures, perhaps hinting towards what might be yet to come in the next Avatar instalment.

Even more so than in this new concept art, the emphasis on the underwater world of Pandora was shown in the teaser trailer for the upcoming Avatar 2. The trailer was full of gorgeous shots of sea creatures, and the visual effects that were used to create the water itself looked stunning too.

YouTube Thumbnail

With the release date for the upcoming sci-fi adventure movie being only a few months away, you can expect another, more in-depth Avatar 2 trailer to release at any moment. Keep your eyes peeled.

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