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Attack on Titan season 4 just got an update, but don’t get too excited

One of the directors of Attack on Titan has given an update regarding the hotly anticipated final chapters, but it's not particularly encouraging.

Attack on Titan

Fans are eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the decade-long saga of one of the best anime series, with the final chapters of Attack on Titan season 4 expected later this year. One of the directors of the popular series, Yuichiro Hayashi, has shared an update…but it’s a little soon to get too excited.

Hayashi’s update (shared via The Radio Times) says; “With the release of the key visual for the sequel to the final part, the Attack on Titan anime is steadily pushing towards its final act.” He added; “However, the work is still in the middle, so I don’t feel like I’m done at all. Will the end really come?”

The Attack on Titan twitter account shared the key visual on May 21, which shows a picturesque setting – a cabin on a mountainside surrounded by trees and flowers. Two large shadows loom over the scene, however and they appear to be monstrous figures – perhaps they will join the best anime villains?

Fans were left on a thrilling cliffhanger after the first part of the Final Chapters. The hour-long special of Attack on Titan season 4 part 3 caught up with one of the best anime characters – Eren – and the Survey Corps and made it clear that there’s not going to be a happy ending for the heroes.

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We don’t yet have a release date for the final chapters, but they are expected to air in Fall 2023. While we wait, check out our guide to the best Attack on Titan characters. You can also read more about the Founding Titan and The Rumbling. You can also find out what does Eren want.