Will there be an Alice in Borderland season 3?

Are the games truly over? Here we go over whether Netflix will be bringing us back to the dangerous game world or Alice in Borderland season 3

Alice in Borderland season 3 release date: Ryōhei Arisu

Will there be an Alice in Borderland season 3? Based on Haro Aso’s manga of the same name, Alice in Borderland has been a hit with TV fans ever since it hit Netflix in 2020. Telling the story of a gang of trapped survivors having to play deadly games in exchange for their lives, we have seen betrayal, action, and now with the recent release of Alice in Borderland season 2, finally, some closure.

Warning, spoilers ahead! Alice in Borderland season 2 answered some big mysteries in the series, exposed the backstory of the contestants and Borderlands itself, and introduced some major big bosses onto the scene. However, its ‘happy ending’ after the defeat of the Queen of Hearts seemed pretty final story-wise, and with only a single cliffhanger left on our small screens at the end of the last episode, many fans were left to panic about the show’s fate.

Well, it’s time to get your deck ready because The Digital Fix is here to deal you all the info about the hit TV series. Here we go over if there will be an Alice in Borderland season 3 and what its potential story could look like below.

Will there be an Alice in Borderland season 3?

Currently, Alice in Borderland season 3 hasn’t been announced. However, while the thriller series hasn’t been renewed, it hasn’t been outright cancelled either. So, keep your fingers crossed, friends!

While there is no firm confirmation of an Alice in Borderland season 3, and the last season did technically cover the second half of the original manga, a teaser at the end of season 2 suggests that there is potentially another story for the show to explore.

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At the end of season 2, while Ryōhei Arisu and co escaped the game/limbo world, we did see an ominous-looking Joker card. For fans of the manga, you’d already know that the Joker is actually the true ruler of the game world – not the Queen of Hearts, Mira. Now, this inclusion of the card may just be a nod to the source material. However, it could also hint that one final game is afoot.

We must remember that the Joker is a wild card, so everything could change -despite the seemingly happy ending of Alice in Borderland season 2. The Jokester is a trickster, so who knows, maybe the players are still in a game within a game instead of back to being the masters of their own fate.

We will keep you posted as more details head our way. In the meantime, here is our guide to everything we know about Squid Game season 2. You can watch Alice in Borderland seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix now.