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Yellowjackets - who told Javi not to come back?

One of the Yellowjackets made a miraculous return to the horror series, but all is definitely not what it seems, so who told Javi not to come back to the group.

Yellowjackets: who told Javi not to come back?

Who told Javi not to come back? Travis’s long-lost brother isn’t so lost any more, but he hasn’t suddenly been rescued. Seemingly, he chose to remain in the wilderness, because of someone out there.

Something has been playing with the Yellowjackets cast, making their lives harder. Refuge is in short supply in their cabin, but Javi’s prodigious Yellowjackets comeback gave them a reason to believe – or so they thought.

Being one of the best horror series means nothing is simple in Yellowjackets. So, who told Javi not to come back? We can provide some answers.

Who told Javi not to come back?

It’s very likely the horned woman told Javi not to come back. The same strange spirit that Lottie sees in the shadows at the end of episode 5.

This woman, who appears in some form of ceremonial costume on the TV series with horns atop her head, has become the embodiment of whatever’s haunting the girls. So far, this force has been invisible, interfering through the elements, but Natalie and Lottie’s visions have starting putting a humanoid form on the being.

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Javi was thought dead, lost to the wilderness until his sudden arrival in Yellowjackets season 2, episode 4. Lottie was the only one who truly believed he was alive, suggesting she really does have some connection to this ominous spirit.

He’s been mostly mute since coming back, coming across heavily traumatised. Then, suddenly, he reveals to Ben that “she told him not to come back”. We’d be none the wiser on this without what Lottie and Natalie see later, creating a causal link between the two.

Javi has a certain confidence when he says that line. His lack of presence in the future could mean he dies, but it could mean something else too – maybe he decides to stay behind, fullly enraptured by whatever this thing is.

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