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Yellowjackets season 2 – how is Shauna talking to Jackie?

Yellowjackets seaosn 2 gets right back into the horror series, and one conversation sticks out among the bizarre events, so how is Shauna talking to Jackie.

Shauna in Yellowjackets

How is Shauna talking to Jackie in Yellowjackets season 2? The show is back and isn’t wasting any time getting right back into all the intriguing storylines left from the first season. Warning – spoilers ahead!

One such thread is the ramifications of Jackie’s death in the horror series. She froze to death after an argument with Shauna, and we suspected the worst. Well, in the case of this thriller series, the worst is certainly up for debate, but what’s going on is more psychological than gory – to a point.

Anyway, Shauna is still able to chat with her old pal, begging the question of how exactly. Well, the question ‘how is Shauna talking to Jackie in Yellowjacket season 2?’ has an answer, and it’s really quite sad.

How is Shauna talking to Jackie in Yellowjackets season 2?

Shauna is talking to Jackie through hallucinations based on her guilt. Jackie froze to death after the two former best friends had a blow-out argument, and she decided to sleep outside in the snow.

Naturally, this has left Shauna with a huge amount of complicated feelings she’d struggle to work through without being stranded in a Canadian forest.

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A dismembered ear from Jackie’s body appears to be serving as a sort of anchor. Shauna believes that by keeping the ear on Jackie’s body, her bestie comes alive again. This gets slightly twisted by the end of the first episode, when Shauna nibbles the ear. Ew.

The TV series continues to muddy the waters between fantasy and reality by getting deeply psychological. No doubt, this is far from the deepest layer of creepiness the show has in store.

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