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Yellowjackets – is Javi dead?

Yellowjackets season 2 continues to introduce more questions as the horror series progress, and we're here to provide some answers on is Javi dead or not.

Yellowjackets: is Javi dead

Is Javi dead in Yellowjackets? The mysteries keeping piling up on the hit show, and one through-line has been Travis’s continued search for his younger brother.

The fate of Javi has yet to be addressed on the horror series. You’d presume he’s dead, and some have, but looks can be deceiving. Especially in a drama series like this, where answers always open more questions.

But is Javi dead? We have some answers based on the Yellowjackets cast, and fair warning, you mightn’t like them.

Is Javi dead in Yellowjackets?

We don’t know if Javi is really dead in Yellowjackets, and evidence, either way, is mixed. Lottie firmly believes he’s still alive, and we know enough to understand her visions do have some bearing on the real world.

Meanwhile, the survivors are in the middle of a harsh winter in a remote cabin in the Canadian wilderness. Getting through is hard enough with shelter, but without? Let’s say we wouldn’t fancy our chances.

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Narratively speaking, the thriller series is pointing towards him coming back. Natalie’s deception of Travis and her scepticism towards Lottie both suggest Javi will re-emerge, making her look untrustworthy and too cynical for her own good.

That’s just speculation on our part, and the question remains of just how he’d managed to have lived this long in the woods. Have a look at our Yellowjackets season 2 episode 2 recap and guide to Lottie’s visions for more on the show. Yellowjackets is available on Paramount Plus in the UK and Showtime in the US.